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Gotta love girls & soccer...the hotties of the world cup!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 54528 | 06/18/2010

philly tube video

Top 20 All-time Movie Nude Seens of All-Time!

Ya gotta love a countdown like this one!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 29924 | 08/11/2009

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I saw this coming a million miles away..what an idiot!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 14581 | 07/05/2010

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Now this is our kind of test drive!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 14442 | 12/10/2011

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World Fucking Champs & A Vodka Bottle to the Head!

This is what a drunk philly fan gets for celebrating a World Series Championship! A bottle to the head! Love the "holy shit chant" at the end!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 10796 | 11/14/2008

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Some funny crash compilations for your enjoyment pleasure!

Hey, nothing makes us laugh more than seeing some idiots crash! Enjoy this one!

Crashes | Watch | Share | Views: 2784 | 08/30/2008

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For the Holiday Weekend...This Is Our Home Philly!

I already put this up way back in the day, for for Labor Day, I thought this would be a fitting video to have up through the Holiday Weekend!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2749 | 08/28/2008

philly tube video

For the Philly Fans headed to Chi-town! (Hot Fans)

Hey, for all you guys headed out for the 4 game series in Chicago! Keep an eye out for some of the hottest midwest girls in the bleachers! Here's a sample of what to look for!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2096 | 08/27/2008

philly tube video

USA Gymnast Alicia Sacramone Knocks Out Some Dude!

I thought that Alicia was one of the sexiest USA gymnasts, even though she fell on the beam! She has one hell of a punch though! Watch!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2947 | 08/24/2008

philly tube video

These are some major league FAILURES in the Olympics!

This is the definition of Agony of Defeat! Some amazing clips of pure FAILURE! Hell, at least they tried!!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2059 | 08/21/2008

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My Push To Make Beer Pong an Olympic Game by 2025!

I am on an all out campaign to bring world wide attention to the most competitive game on the face of the Earth? Let's make Beer Pong an Olympic Sport!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2047 | 08/20/2008

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This is why you don't wind surf during a tropical storm!

This is the meaning of STUPID! Why the hell does this guy hang on long enough to be thrown into the road! He gets banged up big time! Incredible footage from Tropical Storm Fey!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 2798 | 08/19/2008

philly tube video

Hilarious Video! This guy Jake Byrd is ridiculous!

We only try and put up the best of the best videos! The ones that actually make you laugh out loud. Trust us, this one qualifies! I'm sure some of you have already seen it, but worth a look for the rest of you!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2117 | 08/17/2008

philly tube video

Mike Strug of NBC doesn't miss a beat here!

Watch as the guy approaches from the left, makes his statement, and Mike Strug keeps on reporting as if nothing happenned! Nice work Mike!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2006 | 08/17/2008

philly tube video

A newscaster gets completely owned!

This is pretty funny...when she starts to whimper after the fall (but I'm sure she was ok).

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 2207 | 08/17/2008

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