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POISONS Brett Michaels nearly gets crushed from a falling stage at the Tony Awards!

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Gotta love girls & soccer...the hotties of the world cup!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 54617 | 06/18/2010

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Top 20 All-time Movie Nude Seens of All-Time!

Ya gotta love a countdown like this one!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 30078 | 08/11/2009

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Now this is our kind of test drive!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 17369 | 12/10/2011

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I saw this coming a million miles away..what an idiot!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 14749 | 07/05/2010

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World Fucking Champs & A Vodka Bottle to the Head!

This is what a drunk philly fan gets for celebrating a World Series Championship! A bottle to the head! Love the "holy shit chant" at the end!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 10853 | 11/14/2008

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Sean Avery's still a DOOOOSHE BAG!

This is why the guy is a complete asshole!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2626 | 04/05/2009

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Drunk Ass Streaker Faceplants at Hockey Game!

This guy has to be from Philly! Hilarious!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2749 | 04/01/2009

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Bob Knight & Coach K in their underware! Who you callin pops?

This is pretty fun. I'm a Bob Knight Fan! Gotta love that Coach K did this too!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2293 | 03/30/2009

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HILARIOUS! What is ROCKET SCIENCE? A Classic Blonde Moment!

This shit is funny! I'm a brunette kinda guy...i think this might be why!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 3465 | 03/26/2009

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DIRT BAG ALERT! Pat O'brien back for March Madness...but his STALKING VOICEMAIL is hilariouis!

Gotta love an idiot ass dirtbag like Pat O'brien who's stupid enough to leave his shit out for public attention! This is a classic tape worth listening too. Love how he got snagged!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 5739 | 03/16/2009

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A classic new Jimmy Rollins Commercial! Hilarious!

J-Roll is the man! How great is this commecial!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 8042 | 03/10/2009

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To Celebrate Sir Charles' Freedom! He's the man!

Boy do we miss having a guy like this on the Sixers!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 5871 | 03/08/2009

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Hunter Avoids Death By Milli-Second!

Oh my God -- you got one shot to live...this is nuts! I wish the Lion actually got the guy though...oh well, someone had to die i guess!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 4329 | 03/03/2009

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Thought I saw it all! Parapalegic Hockey Brawl!

Damn...I never thought I see the day where these guys decide to beat the shit out of each other! You can take the legs out of these guys but you can't take the hockey out of them! I respect the hell out of these guys...who obviously respect the hell out of the game of Hockey!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 3521 | 03/01/2009

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Hell of a buzzer beater!

An amazing shot with little reaction from the guy who shot it!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2191 | 03/01/2009