FUNNY SHIT! I too was on a MO-FO boat for MEMORIAL DAY! It was more like a canoe!

philly tube video


Gotta love girls & soccer...the hotties of the world cup!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 54531 | 06/18/2010

philly tube video

Top 20 All-time Movie Nude Seens of All-Time!

Ya gotta love a countdown like this one!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 29938 | 08/11/2009

philly tube video


Now this is our kind of test drive!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 14613 | 12/10/2011

philly tube video


I saw this coming a million miles away..what an idiot!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 14589 | 07/05/2010

philly tube video

World Fucking Champs & A Vodka Bottle to the Head!

This is what a drunk philly fan gets for celebrating a World Series Championship! A bottle to the head! Love the "holy shit chant" at the end!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 10798 | 11/14/2008

philly tube video

Worst Start to a Cycling Race Ever!

This chick has to feel so dumb (and I'm sure sore)!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2762 | 03/01/2009

philly tube video

eTrade Baby Out-takes! (the end is funny)

Classic commercials, and watch the hot chick walk in towards the end!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2352 | 03/01/2009

philly tube video

SOUND OFF: Christian Bale vs. Bill O'reilly!

This is pretty funny...two idiots spouting off like complete assholes!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2108 | 03/01/2009

philly tube video

Cool demo shows destruction of bird strike and plane engine!

The Hudson City Miracle was amazing after seeing the damage that a duck does to this engine!

Crashes | Watch | Share | Views: 3104 | 03/01/2009

philly tube video

Dumb Pilot Lifts Landing Gear Too Quick!

This guy was a little to anxious to take off!

Crashes | Watch | Share | Views: 2911 | 03/01/2009

philly tube video

HILARIOUS! Old drunk guy confuses his pants for his shirt! WOW!

Hey guys...ya gotta watch this! I could only wish to be this drunk someday! So frickin funny!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2913 | 02/22/2009

philly tube video

Sucks being a Camera Guy at a Drag Race!

Dude, you might wanna duck!

Crashes | Watch | Share | Views: 2809 | 02/22/2009

philly tube video

Ballsy German Host Graps Co-Hosts Boobs!

Yeah, this chick isn't too thrilled when her co-host grabbed her boobs!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2716 | 02/22/2009

philly tube video


This guy decides to pick up coins at a toll boll! Not a pretty ending, but he survives!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 2694 | 02/22/2009

philly tube video

The GYM where you shouldn't take your kids!

This is weird...yes, she's pretty hot, but wait until you see the antics this chick is pulling in front of the kids at the gym. And, were are the parents??

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 4766 | 02/20/2009

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