Welcome to Summer! A Memorial Day Weekend Lip Sync Song by a couple of cuties!

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Gotta love girls & soccer...the hotties of the world cup!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 54524 | 06/18/2010

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Top 20 All-time Movie Nude Seens of All-Time!

Ya gotta love a countdown like this one!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 29920 | 08/11/2009

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I saw this coming a million miles away..what an idiot!

Stupid People | Watch | Share | Views: 14578 | 07/05/2010

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Now this is our kind of test drive!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 14433 | 12/10/2011

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World Fucking Champs & A Vodka Bottle to the Head!

This is what a drunk philly fan gets for celebrating a World Series Championship! A bottle to the head! Love the "holy shit chant" at the end!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 10795 | 11/14/2008

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This will upload in 10 seconds: Jose Canseco's career has hit the skids! Watch his first MMA fight!

Jose Canseco was right about one thing....all the idiots he claimed did steroids pretty much have done steroids. He's still pretty much a laughing stock however!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2848 | 05/26/2009

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FUNNY SHIT! I too was on a MO-FO boat for MEMORIAL DAY! It was more like a canoe!

Free boat ride for 3!! Who would you take? This is a funny as video...love it!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2108 | 05/24/2009

philly tube video

Welcome to Summer! A Memorial Day Weekend Lip Sync Song by a couple of cuties!

Hey people...turn it up! Summer is finally here!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 3350 | 05/20/2009

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This is the sole reason it looks like they banned alcohol at the Preakness! This looks like a perfect event to bring to Philly!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2711 | 05/16/2009

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Jason Werth Steals Home!

Not the best quality of video, but nonetheless, a hell of a highlight!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2773 | 05/13/2009

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SEXY GIRLS or DUMB PEOPLE: Hot Female Teachers banging their students! When will they learn!

When I went to school, i never had a hot teacher! Can you imagine?? I only had old farts as my teachers! You gotta be missing a screw if you're willing to risk your career! Where's Chris Hanson, from Dateline, to deal with this stuff! If you're hot-for-teacher, enjoy!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 4712 | 05/09/2009

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Miss California is entitled to an opinion!

This got such an uproar from all the gay marriage activists. It's an opinion...so just deal with it people!

Sexy Girls | Watch | Share | Views: 2228 | 05/09/2009

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Would you call Tiger Woods a LOSER three times in a direct interview? This is why he is the man!

This is the sole reason why Tiger Woods is the man....even when you call him a loser to his face...he laughs....because he knows how many championships he's won!

Sports | Watch | Share | Views: 2900 | 05/05/2009

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TRIBUTE TO HARRY: His last commercial he ever made!

I was unsure how I'd feel after seeing this, but it brings me back to the magic Harry had with us and all fans. He will be missed, and we'll leave this up in our HALL OF FAME!

Hall of Fame | Watch | Share | Views: 6143 | 05/04/2009

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Denise Richards should stick to getting naked in movies...not singing at Cubs games!

She was hot in the movie Wild Things, but it's been down hill ever since!

Funny Vids | Watch | Share | Views: 2275 | 05/03/2009

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